About Us

Cornhouse Consulting is a company whose core foundation is about establishing the right partnerships that allow us to achieve both individual and corporate goals. We are an international consultancy firm that specialises in providing a high quality, bespoke service that is recognised and trusted globally within our areas of expertise; architecture, engineering, project management & education.

Cornhouse Consulting also has a strategic partnership division that focuses on the introduction of corporate clients , providing a link for companies interested in embarking on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or corporate connections. With our extensive European and global network, we have individuals and companies to suit all business objectives.

Our approach is very flexible, we work to understand your expectations and ensure that we listen to your needs. We support your development and act as an extension to your own company. At Cornhouse Consulting we understand that every business and every person is unique. We can find solutions to challenges that require human connections anywhere in the world and we will work passionately to find the right answer to your problems. We know that the success of our business is measured by the quality of the people or the business collaborations that we engage. The core of our business is about “making the right connections” so that we can work together in making a positive contribution to the business world..